Is your private information truly private? Do you know if your network, desktop, laptop, or smart phone has been compromised? Has your private personal, business, or client information been “hacked”? Are communications in your office or home truly private?

When you discover that “something is not right” or a client or employee tells you that their data or communications has been exposed, do you know what to do? The answer is to call McCann Investigations. Our digital centric investigative team has the tools and experience to respond. All McCann Investigators are licensed private investigator


  • Data Breach Remediation and Recovery
    A data breach is a type of security incident that involves the release of any secure information to an untrusted environment or unauthorized person, whether intentional or unintentional.  This information could include credit card or bank details, personal health information, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, or important business trade secrets.
  • Malware, Spyware and Incident Analysis
    Spyware, key loggers and other forms of malware (digital bugs) are constantly evolving and pose a greater risk as they are often able to evade the typical anti-virus software.  The installation of these digital bugs can be as simple as visiting a website or opening an email.  These digital bugs can track key strokes, browsing history, and can even grant remote access to unauthorized users.

Mobile Device “Bugging” or “Hacking”

Have you suffered a mobile data breach that has led to the loss of digital data, such as text messages, images, or emails?   Are you concerned that your mobile phone, ipad, or tablet may be infected with spyware?  McCann network forensic investigators can help.

Physical and Digital “Debugging”: TSCM

The unauthorized monitoring of communication can occur in both physical and cyber forms. Traditional physical listening devices such as audio and video covert recording devices or cyber software based tools violate privacy and expose clients to unreasonable risk.  McCann counter measure technicians can help.



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