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McCann is led by highly regarded and established physical and cyber security specialists. Our team of consultants, investigators, and forensic experts are comprised of former law enforcement and private security professionals. McCann are experts in investigations and systems, both in the physical and digital realm.


McCann’s team of highly-skilled investigators use cutting-edge tools in both digital and physical investigations. From IT security experts in data breach and loss prevention to physical security personnel for the protection of life and assets.

Security Systems

McCann’s security systems provide clients with sensors and detection devices to monitor both physical and digital intrusion and loss of critical data. In addition, our remote monitoring center can provide an umbrella of protection unmatched for physical and cyber resources.

Experts in Physical & Cyber Security Solutions

About McCann Investigations

McCann Investigations is a one source solution for comprehensive case management. All McCann Private Investigators are licensed in the various states in which they serve and have extensive experience in the field.

  • Law FirmsOpen or Close

    McCann Investigations provides expansive computer forensics and private investigations for law firms. Cases include: divorce cases, child custody, fraud, embezzlement, intellectual property theft and bankruptcy fraud. McCann Investigators are fully licensed and have provided expert testimony in hundreds of cases across Texas. Investigations & forensics for law firms

  • Public CompaniesOpen or Close

    Public companies have relied on McCann Investigations for 25 years for their corporate cyber crime incidence response. Protecting a company's confidential information including intellectual property and proprietary information is imperative. McCann Investigators are skilled in the detection and remediation of network breaches and other IT security threats. Digital forensics for public companies

  • Private CompaniesOpen or Close

    McCann Investigations understands the complexity of the modern investigation. Much like a public company, non-compete enforcement and intellectual property theft are very real threats. The exposure of a company's electronically stored information must be prevented. Whether it is a sales person who has left with more than just a severance check, or a serious network breach resulting in the theft of proprietary information the effects can be disastrous for a company. Private company investigation services

  • Financial InstitutionsOpen or Close

    Financial institutions are constantly battling electronic security threats including network breaches resulting in fraud and theft . Choosing a forensic and network security provider should be based upon reputation, experience, and licensing. Financial providers including private equity groups, venture funds, hedge funds, and banks have trusted McCann for over 25 years. McCann provides due diligence services, as well as background checks and computer forensics. Due diligence, background checks & computer forensics

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