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McCann is led by highly regarded and established physical and cyber security specialists. Our team of consultants, investigators, and forensic experts comprises former law enforcement and private security professionals. McCann’s staff are experts in investigation and systems, both in the physical and digital realms.

McCann has been a highly valued investigative partner to us for many years. They go beyond the call to provide quality information and executive protection services for us. I can always count on McCann.

Rick Fisher, Global Security Director, CB&I (NYSE: CBI)
Tech Centric Private Investigators - Ready To Serve 24/7

Our clients often tell us that they have had to hire multiple experts in the past, one for computer forensics and mobile forensics and another for surveillance and background checks and yet a third for online social media investigations. McCann Investigators bring the best of historical technique.....

Digital Forensics for Computer, Mobile, Network & Cloud Data

McCann Computer Forensic Investigators analyze massive amounts of information through cutting-edge digital forensics tools to uncover evidence. Regardless of whether the source is a laptop, desktop, mobile device, or cloud storage the evidence must be obtained and stored using forensically sound methods.

Privacy Intrusion Detection and Investigation

Is your private information truly private? Do you know if your network, desktop, laptop or smart phone has been compromised? Is your private personal, business, or client information been “hacked”.  When you discover that “something is not right” or a client or employee tells you that there data has been exposed, do you know what to do? The answer is to call McCann Investigations.

Privacy Protection giving you sound piece of mind and complete security

Clients who are concerned about their privacy turn to McCann technology solutions to allow them to conduct business and private matters in a truly private manner. “Bug” sweeps, for both physical and cyber listening de.....

Providing Our Clients With Specialized Services For Their Unique Needs

Background Investigations Fraud Investigations Embezzlement Investigations Intellectual Property Theft Non-Compete Enforcement Digital Privacy Breach Digital/Physical Debugging Family Law Infidelity Complex Civil Cases Criminal Law

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