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Cutting-edge Computer, Mobile Device,
and Network Forensics Experts.


We specialize in highly complex private investigations
for both corporate and individual clients.


The Experts in Fraud and
Embezzlement Investigations.


Expert Litigation Support for Cyber
and Digital-Centric Forensic Cases.


McCann Investigations:
Unparalleled Intelligence Resources.
Unrivaled Experience.


Experienced Private Investigators & Digital Forensics Analysts

McCann Total Security is led by highly regarded and established physical and cyber security specialists. Our team of consultants, technicians, private investigators and forensic experts are comprised of former law enforcement and private security professionals.

McCann Total Security is an expert in private investigations and technology, both in the physical and digital realm. For over 30 years, McCann private investigation experts have been trusted by companies, individuals, and lawyers when it really mattered.



McCann continually engages the important topics that are most relevant to our clients.  McCann publications provide insight and information to our clients with our white papers, guides, and case studies.  All publications are available in iTunes, Paperback, or FREE digital download.  


"McCann is our go-to source for computer and mobile forensics. They find what others simply have not been able to do. I highly recommend McCann as a digital forensics provider. They are simply the best in class."

Micheal LehaneCEO, Keais Records Service, Inc.

"McCann's expertise in both traditional investigations, such as surveillance and undercover work, and modern digital forensics, such as computer and mobile forensics, make them my choice when we require the best investigative team."

Tim JohnsonGeneral Counsel, Peak Completions Technologies, Inc.

McCann is our source for backgrounds, due diligence, and investigations. They are timely, insightful, and resourceful. I suggest our business partners also use them because I know I can trust the information.

Blair GarrouManaging Director, Mercury Fund

McCann has been a highly valued investigative partner to us for many years. They go beyond the call to provide quality information and executive protection services for us. I can always count on McCann.

Rick FisherGlobal Security Director, CB&I

Companies that Trust McCann Investigations

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