Has your organization had it network breached? Is it possible that “someone” has downloaded credit card information, access employee files, extracted social security numbers, or accessed unique digital intellectual property such as drawings, formulations, or other critical data. In some cases, the unauthorized access to networks is designed to simply just destroy.  An  ex-employee who  illegally accesses your network and  destroys a client database, a CFO who while trying to cover up an accounting fraud deletes hundreds of records and attempts to destroy backups.

The news  is filled with  state sponsored attacks, such as the recent attacks that have come out of Iran.  Our investigative experience tells us that equally impactful and more common are attacks form existing and former employees or simply greedy competitors that may have a IT background. 

When you discover that “something is not right” or a client or employee tells you that there data has been exposed, do you know what to do? The answer is to call McCann Investigations. Our digital centric investigative team has the tools and experience to respond. All McCann Investigators are licensed private investigators. READ MORE

  • Data Preservation and Forensic Collection  Once the scope of the case is established and the digital media has been secured and a chain of custody established, the imaging and acquisition process can begin. This is typically done using a write blocking devices in a process known in the digital forensic process as imaging.  READ MORE

  • Malware, Spyware and Incident Analysis  Spyware, key loggers and other forms of malware (digital bugs) are constantly evolving and pose a greater risk as they are often able to evade the typical anti-virus software.  The installation of these digital bugs can be as simple as visiting a website or opening an email.  These digital bugs can track key strokes, browsing history and can even grant remote access to unauthorized users.  READ MORE

  • Data Breach Remediation and Recovery A data breach is a type of security incident that involves the release of any secure information to an untrusted environment or unauthorized person, whether intentional or unintentional.  This information could include credit card or bank details, personal health information, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, or important business trade secrets. READ MORE

  • TSCM Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) is the process of bug sweeping and putting into place electronic security counter measures to mitigate physical listening devices.  McCann’s TSCM professionals are experts in advanced physical bug devices and will put into place measures to prevent such intrusions. READ MORE

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