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McCann Investigations is a full service computer forensics and private investigations firms providing a full range of services to law firms, public and private companies and financial services firm in cases such as family law, corporate intelligence, due diligence, embezzlement, fraud, digital debugging, IT Vulnerability Assessments and non compete enforcement

Unsophisticated Embezzlement

Embezzlement stories that you hear in the news often involve highly complex fraud involving a team of high-level employees using sophisticated means to steal millions from a company. But more often, embezzlement can occur that can be as unsophisticated as diverting a small amount of funds to a personal bank account over a long period of time. While these types of embezzlement don't have the sensationalism that makes a news story, they certainly can do just as much damage to a company.
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When it's NOT Conscious Uncoupling

In recent days, the term "conscious uncoupling" has entered American pop-culture as a term used to describe the super amicable split between two people. This conscious uncoupling is meant to help reduce the stress and strife that is often brought on by divorce. In many cases, the thought process behind the divorce is far from the conscious uncoupling elements of accountability and self-awareness and becomes an all out war between two soon-to-be former spouses.
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DIY Background Checks

Doing background checks on potential dates and room mates is as easy as doing a Google search or using an online background check service. This is good for "checking someone out" on a very high level. Given that most people forget to set their privacy settings on their social media and are prone to over share, simply checking out someone's social media presence reveals a lot about a person. An in-depth background investigation is much more involved, but reveals much more than a DIY background.
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Get the Internet off Your Back......

Technology has connected the world in a way that was never thought possible. Data can be transmitted across the globe in a matter of seconds. This data has become a precious commodity. We are inundated with data in our daily lives, especially through the internet. This data has become an increasingly key source of intelligence being used to market to consumers. But with this data boom, also comes privacy issues. With smart phones being used as well springs of marketing data such as buying behavior, those smart phones also contain private information such as banking, social security, personal texts, emails, images and more.
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Creepy Google Searches

Much of McCann's work involves imaging the hard drives of computers and laptops and looking at the internet search history. This article shows some of the statistics on Google Searches. Some of them can be pretty creepy.
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