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McCann Investigations is a full service computer forensics and private investigations firms providing a full range of services to law firms, public and private companies and financial services firm in cases such as family law, corporate intelligence, due diligence, embezzlement, fraud, digital debugging, IT Vulnerability Assessments and non compete enforcement

Are Deleted Photos Really, Really, Really Deleted?

Given the latest celebrity nude pic breach, one has to wonder if all of those deleted photos that were not to see the light of day are really deleted? It seems that cloud storage has become both a blessing and a curse because data no longer resides on the device itself. As mobile device forensics experts we are often tasked with recovering deleted data. So is that data really deleted or not?
Written by Malisa Vincenti at 00:00

Your Passwords Just Aren't Safe

In light of the recent hacking of 1.2B passwords by Russian hackers, we visit again whether passwords are still a good idea. A blog we wrote back in May questioned the effectiveness of passwords, and the fact that it seemed that the use of passwords was becoming obsolete. Easily hacked, and hard to remember, is it really a good practice in this modern day. With biometrics and more shared information technology between organizations, there must be a better way.
Written by Malisa Vincenti at 00:00

Top Digital Investigations Stories this Week

Digital Investigation is an important tool in gathering key evidence in criminal investigations and risk mitigation from network intrusions in both personal and corporate applications. From keyloggers in hotel business centers to computer forensics in criminal cases, here are the latest news stories in digital investigations.
Written by Malisa Vincenti at 00:00

Update: Limits on Police Cell Phone Searches

McCann Investigations recently discussed the U.S. Supreme Court's consideration on limiting police cell phone searches without a warrant. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court Justice's reached a decision on the matter.
Written by Malisa Vincenti at 00:00

Smart Phones Now to Have Kill Switch

With Google and Microsoft will have a kill switch feature on all of their future phones that will require a password in order for the phones to be reset. Apple iOS and Samsung have similar features. The kill switch feature makes the phone useless to a thief.
Written by Malisa Vincenti at 00:00
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