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Certified Computer Forensics Expert

Brett Dearman, Computer Forensics Examiner 

Brett Dearman has lead or participated in over 200 internal investigations of varying complexity from 2002 to present in the role of digital forensics examiner.  These include alleged corporate espionage, theft of intellectual property, illegal trading practices, possession and distribution of pornography, and Human Resources related issues.  Many of the collections were performed after normal working hours or by covert action.  Mr. Dearman performed or assisted with numerous e-discovery initiatives including probable cause for reasonable termination.  This includes the preliminary examination of personal computers and/or network servers as part of e-discovery.  In the course of these investigations, interaction with attorneys, federal agents and law enforcement officers was common.

Mr. Dearman created Dynegy’s digital forensics lab in 2002 in response to investigations being conducted by the Department of Justice as well as a number of pending civil suits. With the assistance of former FBI and law enforcement officers, he developed the processes and procedures for digital forensic examination including proper evidence collection, processing and storage, chain of custody documentation, examination and reporting.  During this process, he was trained on the forensics examination system EnCase (Guidance Software, Inc.) and ultimately obtained their Encase Certified Examiner certification.  


CNE (x2)         Certified OS/2 Engineer
COE   AccessData Certified Examiner - Forensic Toolkit
COLE   Certified OS/2 LANServer Engineer
MCP   Microsoft Certified Professional 
MCP+I   Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
MCSE   Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
CMA   Certified Metaframe Administrator
ACE   Encase Certified Examiner (Guidance Software, Inc.)
EnCE (x2)   Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CISSP   (International Security Certification Consortium)
CPE   Certified PGP engineer (PGP Encryption)
    Certified Netware Engineer











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