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Do you need a trusted advisor on the critical issues associated with cases involving hacking, data loss, and digital forensics?

McCann offers experienced technical and legal consultation on technology-driven matters. Our team is led by Brett Dearman, who specializes in high tech crime, including IP Theft, network intrusions, and data breach cases:

  • Proper incident handing and response.
  • Review of possible criminal and civil remedies.
  • Review of obtained evidence and investigative direction.
  • Expert opinion on matters related to Computer Crimes.

Use Certified Experts. Use Trusted Forensics. Get Trusted Evidence.

Every day McCann Digital Investigators help business decision-makers and stakeholders investigate cyber-security issues. Our operations began during the mass adoption of electronic devices and digitally stored information, and we’ve continued to lead the cyber-security industry through the evolution of mainframes, desktops and laptops, and now mobile devices and cloud storage. All along the way, our veteran team has been armed with the latest technology, and backed by decades of professional experience in both public law enforcement and private security. Gathering proof of the wrongdoing requires a wide-range of skills and McCann offers unparalleled expertise on technology driven legal and investigative matters.

Trusted Advisors for Cases Involving Hacking

Brett Dearman, ACE, MCFE

Director Forensic Investigations

As a Digital Forensics Investigator, Brett Dearman has performed or participated in over 2000 internal investigations of varying complexity from 2002 to present. These include alleged corporate espionage, theft of intellectual property, illegal trading practices, possession and distribution of pornography, and human resources related issues. Collection is often performed after normal working hours or by covert methods.

Whether on a mobile device, a desktop, or other digital tool, the ever-expanding mass of electronically stored information requires reasonable and measured levels of security that are agile and adaptable to the risk and needs of each client, as well as their business or home. McCann’s specialized, responsive professionals are dedicated to delivering constant vigilance above and beyond what traditional in-house IT staff might offer, by constantly monitoring cyber activities and anticipating needs even before potential threats can strike.

Experienced Professionals in Various Cyber Domains

McCann experts are fully equipped to handle a variety of cyber matters including:

  • Cyber Intrusion/Detection
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Digital Forensic Investigations

No matter the preventative measures, hacking and other security breaches still occur. These digital events need to be investigated properly for all evidence to be discovered and admissible in court. McCann operates its own digital forensic lab run by fully licensed computer forensic investigators and technicians. Our facilities feature the equipment best suited to handle today’s forensic recovery and research requirements. Whether you require cyber-attack prevention, detection, or investigative help, our cyber security experts stand ready to help.




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