Do you need help with a highly sensitive matter?

We specialize in highly complex investigations for both corporate and individual clients. Typical engagements include backgrounds, locates, embezzlement and fraud, infidelity, divorce, and child custody. You can trust McCann and our staff, which has decades of combined experience in investigations. We provide comprehensive investigations that encompass both digital and traditional investigative components to ensure that you are able to gather the evidence you need.

  • We are experts in surveillance, backgrounds, and undercover work
  • We are the go-to source for computer and mobile device forensics
  • Our investigators have decades of experience in not only the corporate world, but also as former law enforcement and as IT experts
  • You don’t need to hire multiple experts at greater cost

Key Qualification Questions to Ask a Private Investigator:

It is important to validate the qualifications of the forensic technician who will be performing the investigation. Critical questions to ask:

  1. Are they a licensed private investigator in the state in which they practice? Ask to see a “pocket card” or other official identification.
  2. Can they provide references for others that they have provided similar services for?  Can you call them and ask if the investigation was done in a timely manner and if a final report was provided. Since you may be using the work of your computer forensics examiner in court, it is important that you are dealing with a true expert witness.

Remember, if you are not convinced that they are an expert, the jury or judge may reach a similar conclusion.

Surveillance. Private Investigation.

“One Source”  Investigators

Our clients often tell us that they have had to hire multiple experts in the past, one for computer forensics and mobile forensics and another for surveillance and background checks and yet a third for online social media investigations. McCann Investigators bring the best of historical techniques and update them with the latest cutting edge technologies. McCann Investigations continually invests in the latest surveillance, GPS technology, forensics, malware detection, network intrusion detection, and the latest tools for online data mining.

We Are Highly Trusted Private Investigators

Sensitive and highly volatile matters often times require an experienced and highly trusted private investigator. For over 25 years, individuals, executives, lawyers, and companies have turned to McCann Investigations when it really matters. McCann is a trusted right hand to help you gain insight in difficult and highly sensitive matters.

McCann is a truly modern digital-centric practice able to serve through our private investigator offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and New York. Traditional private investigation services are combined with the latest in high tech tools at McCann. Our investigators can utilize a full range of cutting edge covert surveillance and remote viewing technologies in addition to the latest in computer and mobile forensic technologies. McCann Investigators are truly modern high tech investigators that understand that critical information is often locked in electronic devices and those cases can often times be resolved quickly and cost effectively using cutting edge mobile forensic tools.

Proper background investigation is typically the first step in any private investigation. What is the nature of the problem? Who is the source of the issue for our client? What does the client know about the target and what can we find out? This last question often times exposes a gulf of information between what is thought to be true and what in fact may true. An extensive review of possible criminal activities, civil issues, assets, and connections along with digital footprint such as social media presence, emails, and other online accounts can provide a more complete picture of the situation.

Modern digital tools that allow us to find unknown emails, social media accounts, bank accounts, and other digital debris that the person being investigated may have not known they have left behind can provide the leads our investigators need. When these techniques are combined with traditional surveillance, interviews, and research, the entire picture of the target can change. Often times, our clients discover an entire side of a spouse, business partner, or individual that they were not aware of.



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