Embezzlement Investigator Services

Embezzlement can occur at any type of business, from small-sized to enterprise firms.  Often times, the person who is thought to have stolen money from a business is a person who has worked for the company for many years and his highly trusted. The first reaction when embezzlement is discovered is often times shock and an attempt to deny what has occurred. A serious violation of trust has occurred and in the case of small to medium sized companies, the people involved in the embezzlement may have been employed for years and in many cases decades.  We advise clients not to react directly against the alleged embezzler.  It is best to contact us first so that we can properly obtain the evidence that can be used in civil and criminal proceedings.

Our Embezzlement Investigators Obtain Proper Digital Evidence 

A McCann investigator can scope the proper acquisition of digital evidence from multiple devices, such as laptops, cell phones, and server files. The ability to obtain proper images of electronically stored information is a critical step in documenting what has occurred. It is critical that this first step is taken prior to notifying the employee of an investigation. Once these images have been obtained, removing the suspect’s access from company accounts and revoking IT/building access can move forward. A McCann investigator can also be present to conduct a proper exit interview. Often times, the alleged embezzler can confess to relevant information or provide other insight into what has occurred or if others are involved.  In some cases, the suspicious activity has been going on for longer than first thought and is worse than people first expect.  A proper interview and gathering of evidence can provide details and insight unknown.

Complex Embezzlement Cases Require Expert Planning

Cases of embezzlement can occur by those directly involved in financial controls at a company. Partners can embezzle money and steal from other equity holders. General managers and those involved in purchasing can setup fake vendors, false employees, or create complex schemes to divert funds.  Other examples are lawyers who have taken money from clients’ trust accounts or accountants who divert funds to their personal accounts. The conversion of property, that they have been entrusted to protect and then diverted for their own use, is the core of any embezzlement investigation.  The process of proving this, step-by-step, is not simple. A complete and exhaustive review of the allegations and the proper obtaining of evidence must be set as the priority in the case.

Working Effectively with Your Lawyers & Accountants 

McCann’s embezzlement investigators will work directly with your lawyers and accountants to address the complex issues surrounding the case and will work to prepare civil, and if required, criminal evidence in your case.



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