Digital / Physical Debugging Investigator Services

Digital Debugging

Spyware, key loggers, and other forms of malware are constantly evolving, and pose a great risk as they are often able to evade the typical anti-virus software. The installation of these digital bugs could happen from something as simple as visiting a website or opening an email. These bugs can track keystrokes and browsing history and can even grant remote access to unauthorized users.

When your device is infected with a digital bug, private information such as documents, emails, images, client information, financial information, passwords, and login identification could all be at risk. In a corporate setting, this means that critical information could be transferred to competitors, former employees, malicious current employees, or the public at large.

McCann digital forensic analysts and digital investigators use cutting-edge tools to detect and remove these bugs and implement protocols to prevent future attacks.

Physical Debugging, or TSCM

Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) is the process of bug sweeping and putting into place electronic security counter measures to mitigate physical listening devices.  McCann’s TSCM professionals are experts in advanced physical bug devices and will put into place measures to prevent illegal eavesdropping and invasion of privacy.

Physical listening devices, or “bugs”, are often deployed in contentious situations where confidential or proprietary information is being discussed.  Logistically, a physical listening device is easily deployed and difficult to detect, requiring no real technical expertise.  However, only a TSCM expert with advanced equipment and experience can detect and counter such devices.

Physical listening devices are often used in boardrooms or a CEO’s office, where intellectual property and inside information is worth millions.  These devices have also been used in high profile divorce cases where child custody and financial gain is involved. 

McCann’s highly skilled TSCM experts will help you to not only detect these physical listening devices, but will also provide the ability to protect from future physical bugs.



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