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My Cell Phone is Bugged: Can You Help Me?

In this case, McCann mobile forensic investigators were asked to review the smart phone of a woman involved in a contentious divorce. She believed that her soon-to-be ex-husband had compromised her phone and was able to review text messages and emails between her and her boyfriend and her and her attorney. Upon review of her mobile device, McCann investigators were able to determine the presence of spyware. After discovering the spyware and documenting its presence, McCann investigators pushed information in attempt to prove that the ex-husband was the source of the spyware. He had a difficult time explaining to the judge why he was at a meeting that only she and her attorney knew about. 

Spyware on a Laptop Computer:  Stalking Ex-Husband

In this case, McCann digital forensic investigators were asked to review a woman’s laptop computer to search for evidence that her recently divorced husband had installed spyware on her computer. The woman reported to McCann investigators that her ex-husband seemed to know “facts that were only discussed online.”  Her ex-husband “appeared” at events that she attended with her new boyfriend. Upon a scan of her computer, McCann investigators discovered evidence showing that spyware was installed on her laptop on the only day that her ex-husband had been in her home. Evidence was used in court to demonstrate his behavior. 

The above represent a small sample of the hundreds of cases investigated by McCann over the past 28 years.  Material facts have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients. Some of the cases discussed combine various issues and materials found in relevant case studies that have been reviewed by McCann Investigators. No attempt should be made to draw any factual conclusions based on the cases discussed.  Please contact McCann nvestigations for real world cases in which references can be furnished.


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