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Spyware, key loggers and other forms of malware are constantly evolving, and pose a great risk as they are often able to evade the typical anti-virus software. The installation of these digital bugs could happen from something as simple as visiting a website or opening an email. These bugs can track keystrokes and browsing history and can even grant remote access to unauthorized users.

When your device is infected with a digital bug, private information such as documents, emails, images, client information, financial information, passwords and login identification could all be at risk. In a corporate setting, this means that critical information could be transferred to competitors, former employees, malicious current employees or the public at large.

McCann digital forensic analysts and digital investigators use cutting-edge tools to detect and remove these bugs and implement protocols to prevent future attacks.

External threats are no longer the single point of threat in digital bugging. Any novice computer user can purchase spyware or keyloggers on the internet and install them with ease. Digital bugs are now often being used to spy on spouses in contentious divorces or to perpetrate intellectual property theft for fraud of an employer by current or former employees.

Our team of professional digital forensic analysts can help you to prevent these attacks with our thorough understanding of malware and how it spreads. We offer digital Forensics Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio can trust. 

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Data Breach & Debugging Glossary

There are numerous terms that relevant to digital forensics investigations that people browsing our site might not necessarily be familiar with.  Therefore, we have compiled a glossary of important terms that you might encounter as you browse the site.  If there are any terms not included in this list or if there are any terms you don't fully understand, please feel free to contact us at McCann and we will be happy to help.

Digital Debugging & Data Breach Cases

The cases listed below represent a small sample of the hundreds of cases investigated by McCann over the past 28 years.  Material facts have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients. Some of the cases discussed combine various issues and materials found in relevant case studies that have been reviewed by McCann Investigators. No attempt should be made to draw any factual conclusions based on the cases discussed.  Please contact McCann Investigations for real world cases in which references can be furnished.

My Cell Phone is Bugged: Can You Help Me?

In this case, McCann mobile forensic investigators were asked to review the smart phone of a woman involved in a contentious divorce. She believed that her soon-to-be ex-husband had compromised her phone and was able to review text messages and emails between her and her boyfriend and her and her attorney. Upon review of her mobile device, McCann investigators were able to determine the presence of spyware. After discovering the spyware and documenting its presence, McCann investigators pushed information in attempt to prove that the ex-husband was the source of the spyware. He had a difficult time explaining to the judge why he was at a meeting that only she and her attorney knew about.

Spyware on a Laptop Computer: Stalking Ex-Husband

In this case, McCann digital forensic investigators were asked to review a woman’s laptop computer to search for evidence that her recently divorced husband had installed spyware on her computer. The woman reported to McCann investigators that her ex-husband seemed to know “facts that were only discussed online.”  Her ex-husband “appeared” at events that she attended with her new boyfriend. Upon a scan of her computer, McCann investigators discovered evidence showing that spyware was installed on her laptop on the only day that her ex-husband had been in her home. Evidence was used in court to demonstrate his behavior.

Medical Practice Data Breach: HIPPA Issues

In this case, McCann digital forensic investigators were retained by a medical clinic who believed that “a hacker had obtained medical information of our clients.” They were also not sure that the data breach had been stopped, or if more information had been leaked. They first discovered the issue when the client began receiving emails with the content of other patients’ medical information, which included names and detailed lab tests. McCann CIRT team responded and determined the source of the data leak. The leak was fixed in cooperation with the IT provider, and it was determined that the total number of possibly exposed records was minimal. McCann reviewed the network security for additional flaws and discovered a few other possible issues via a complete IVA and EVA. The impacted patients were contacted and changes to the clinics security were implemented. 

Public Data Breach: Credit Cards, Bank Records and License Plates

In this case, McCann digital forensic investigators were retained by a toll road to determine the extent of a data breach potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of users of a major toll road. The client was unsure if the data loss was via an external attack or an internal attack conducted by a recently fired director of IT security. McCann investigators were able to determine that the former IT security director had been slowly using client credit card information to steal small amounts of money from many thousands of accounts. A complex attempted cover up by the suspect was not enough to stop our team. McCann investigators worked with the toll road’s security director to document the wiring of funds to the suspect’s bank account. 

Hacked Email Account and Distribution of Embarrassing Information

In this case, McCann investigators were contacted to investigate the “hacking” of a high profile executive’s personal email account. The contents of the email account included personal photos, some of which were sexual in nature and would be considered damaging.  McCann cyber investigators were able to determine the possible IP address of the hacker, the executive’s former assistant and “scorned ex-lover.” The attorney for our client was successfully able to notify the former assistant and effectively remind her of the consequences of illegally accessing private information. The contents of his email remained private. 

Data Breach and Extortion: “Pay or We Release Info”

A law firm had been contacted a few weeks prior with an extortion threat detailing with the disclosure of their private email communications. The extortionist, claiming to be an Eastern European hacker, disclosed that they had gathered three years of emails between the firm’s attorneys and clients and were going to publish them online unless the firm paid them $200K. The hacker provided details of emails between attorneys that would be extremely damaging to the firm. McCann digital forensic investigators were able to determine the timing and source of the email breach. It appeared that the source was the outsourced IT provider. The Eastern European hacker, was using a USA-based IP address that happened to be located at a coffee shop across the street from the tech’s home.

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