Business Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence

In business, the right information can allow an executive, board member or equity owner to make better risk adjusted decisions. In a single day, an executive can be asked to review new potential hires, or review a possible acquisition. McCann Investigators can provide valuable insight into such decisions and can help to gather the facts that are difficult to discover or are being actively hidden.  The ability to perform proper due diligence on new employees, acquisitions, new product ideas or to get a better view of a competitive landscape are hallmarks of McCann’s corporate intelligence practice.


McCann understands the complex nature of business transactions today.  Each client has industry specific needs that must be addressed in an investigation in order to achieve a specific outcome.  In many cases, computer forensics is only part of a much larger investigations where intricate details are essential in the evidence gathering process.


McCann Investigations is a one-source solution for complete investigations.  Although computer forensics provides a wealth of data that can be utilized in a legal setting, situations occur that require more than just a digital investigation.  McCann Investigators have the experience to take an investigation under cover to gather specific evidence.  McCann's covert investigators will utilize video, audio and GPS equipment to document evidence ensuring that the investigation encompasses multiple facets to build a comprehensive case. 


Internal undercover investigations are conducted when the loss is perceived as internal and the investigator needs to get close the source of the loss to gather the correct intelligence. 


External undercover investigations require investigators to blend into the external environment in order to gather intelligence. Investigators have taken on numerous personas in order to gather the difficult to obtain information. Clients have trusted McCann to " get creative" for over 25 years.  

Key Intelligence Gathering Tools:

  • Background Investigations: Due diligence is key to the success in any business. While most companies will do complete financial due diligence, they often neglect to really investigate the executives who will be running the company.  A bad decision in choosing a business partner or key executive can result in devastating losses.   While most background checks cover criminal backgrounds, often the "white collar serial litigant" will not have a criminal background.  However, doing business with such an individual could cost more than a direct theft from a criminal fraudster.

    McCann Investigations will not only run the typical background check, but will delve deeper into the discovery process.  McCann will seek out any questionable civil behavior by making inquiries with courts on the local and federal levels.  In addition, McCann will investigate the subject's social media footprint.


  • International Background Checks: With over four decades of experience, McCann Investigations has the resources to conduct background investigations internationally. Clients have trusted McCann to find information about individuals and companies in countries around the globe. Each country and even each regional area is different and access to information can be limited via traditional channels. Many non-western countries lack traditional centralized databases and those that do have some type of centralized database often time restrict access. You can count of McCann to find out what you need to know to make your best decisions.


  • Surveillance: McCann Investigators have thousands of hours of surveillance experience utilizing  high-tech video, camera and audio devices. McCann operates a fleet of surveillance vehicles that blend into the right situation. McCann also utilizes the latest in covert recording devices that can be used in most typical and atypical environments.  McCann Investigators will document the evidence and provide clear and concise reports of the investigations.

    McCann Investigators use the most current GPS tracking tools to ensure the greatest success in surveillance cases. Whether tracking an employee meeting with competitors, to tracking a spouse in an infidelity or child custody case, McCann has the tools to gather the needed evidence.


  • Digital Tracking: With a material amount of communication occurring via computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones, the ability to monitor digital communications is important. McCann has the experience to monitor these devices live and reap the benefits of this digital information.


  • Social Media Mapping:  McCann Investigators deploy a host of investigative tools designed to covertly gather the evidence needed  to gain insight.  McCann uses state-of-the-art applications to thoroughly gather background information including criminal and civil checks and social media mapping. McCann Investigations is a one-source solution for complete, concise and comprehensive investigations.


Case Study -  Risks of Incomplete Background Investigations in Partnerships


Partnerships are key to the growth of many companies.  However, while partnerships share the profits and losses proportionally, partnerships also share risks.  In a legitimate partnership, each partner has a fiduciary responsibility to hold all profits as a trustee for the partnership.  Unless partner’s consent, the duty of loyalty of a partner restricts that partner from using the partnership property for personal benefit and restricts the partner from using partnership property for personal benefit.  A partner cannot compete with the partnership or engage in self-dealing that could damage partnership opportunities.

Licensed Investigators

Our licensed investigators have a complex set up tools at their disposal so that they can follow the information, regardless if it is in the form of digital information or more “analog” forms such as surveillance or atypical sources of information.

Reporting and Documenting Evidence

McCann Investigators can provide detailed and responsive reporting for your corporate investigative needs. Often times, McCann Investigators are asked to provide expert testimony, in court, to report on investigative findings. McCann Investigators stand ready to serve you today.  McCann Investigations is a one-source solution for complete, concise and comprehensive investigations.

Corporate Counter  Intelligence

Is your business being targeted by a competitor who is attempting to gather information in an illegal manner.  Is it possible that they have “moles” working inside your business, bugging computer networks, phones compromised? How can you deal with this situation? Can you gain and understanding of the situation without completely disrupting the work environment. Can you develop enough evidence to prove what is occurring?


McCann Investigators have the experience to identify the “moles” and work to develop the evidence to stop the leak and conclude the incident with limited business loss. If the case requires criminal referral, McCann Investigators understand what evidence will be required to present the case to local, state of federal law enforcement.


McCann Investigators  understand that proper documentation of the incident is critical for proper civil recovery and possible criminal referral.  Digital evidence properly obtained by licensed computer forensic technicians help to ensure that  they evidence gathered will be more likely to be usable in court. 



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