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As subject matter experts, McCann Investigations provides clients with the latest in Private Investigations techniques and Computer Forensics tools. McCann is a one source solution for full scale investigations that encompasses multiple variances and result in complete and comprehensive gathering of facts and evidence.


From contentious divorce to embezzlement and fraud, learn how McCann can help.


White Paper - Top 5 Actions to Take if Voter Fraud is Suspected

There are very few activities that are as important to the American way of life as the integrity of the election process. Those who manage elections are entrusted by the citizens of our nation with ensuring that elections are handled with the utmost...READ MORE


White Paper - Digital Intellectual Property Theft: Protecting your Organization from Potential Attacks

This paper explores the complexities of digital intellectual property. The sophistication of cyber assaults has increased at alarming rate allowing hackers to steal intellectual property from individuals and small companies, to large companies with a significant global presence. Threats come from not only state- sponsored cybercriminals, but also from internal employees. Companies must look at securing their data from the view point of a hacker, rather than a company trying to protect its assets.


Case Study: Mobile Device Forensics in Texting and Driving Cases

Mobile devices have become the main communication device used with many people preferring to text rather than have a phone conversation. Texting, and other forms of distracted driving such as talking on the phone or surfing the web...READ MORE


White Paper: The Digital Divorce

In 2009, Facebook was listed as a contributing factor to 20% of all divorces in the United States. It was also reported that in 2011 social networking was a factor in about one-third of divorces in the United Kingdom...READ MORE


White Paper: Allegations of Child Pornography in the Workplace

This paper discusses the very serious allegations of possession of child pornography in the workplace and how managers can best deal with the allegations and effect an in depth investigation. Due to the gravity of this type of allegation, the proper steps must be taken in order to ensure that managers conduct sound investigations in order to potentially damaging civil or criminal liability.


White Paper - Best Practices to Mitigate Non-profit Fraud

Non-profit Organizations have a wonderful history in our country and are an integral part of the American (and the world’s) social safety net. Studies suggest there are over 1.5 million not for profit charitable organizations in the United States and that Americans give these groups more than 300 billion dollars... READ MORE


The best time for a company to implement or fix inadequacies in their non-compete agreements is BEFORE an issue is raised or litigation needs to be filed. The potential damage on an otherwise healthy business... READ MORE


Case Study - Hire a Licensed IT Security Professional

Do you really know your IT person? This individual has access to you network and there is the potential for serious network breach and data loss. There are no licensing requirements IT security professionals.


Case Study - Smart Phone Deleted Data Recovery

Although data has been deleted from a smart phone, often that data is recoverable. If recovered by a licensed computer forensics expert, this data is admissible in court cases. READ MORE


Case Study - Mobile Device Forensics in Texting and Driving Cases

Texting and driving is the number one cause of death for teenagers and many drivers admit to texting while driving. READ MORE


Case Study - The Risks of Incomplete Background Investigations in Partnerships

Partnerships in businesses are formed with the intent of benefiting both partners. However, an incomplete background investigation can put the business at risk. A comprehensive background investigation of a potential partner can prevent catastrophe. READ MORE


Case Study - Cyber Stalking and Spyware in Divorce Cases

Warring spouses are embracing technology in divorce cases. Spyware and key loggers are relatively inexpensive and easy to install for even the most novice computer user. READ MORE


White Paper - The Rise of the Online Affair, A Private Investigator's View

Technology has given rise to the online affair. If there is infidelity occurring, it is taking place on computers, laptops and especially smart phones. READ MORE


White Paper - The Unchecked Power of the Senior Most IT Professional

The Senior Most IT Professional has an atypical power structure that differs from any other professional in his or her class. The CEO is constantly scrutinized by the shareholders, the CFO is overseen by a 3rd party audit committee, and the COO is under frequent discussions with the CFO and CEO. READ MORE


White Paper - Victims of Identity Theft Should Consider Hiring a Private Investigator

Identity Theft is a crime that has been around for a long time, but has only in recent decades gotten out of control. Looking toward the future, it seems that this crime will continue to be on the forefront of expanding criminal enterprise. READ MORE


White Paper - Digital Debugging: What is Spyware and How is it Detected and Prevented

If one heard the phrase "my phone is bugged" ten or fifteen years ago, the first image that would come to mind would be a scene from some 1980s movie in which the main character discovers a recording device attached to his landline phone socket. READ MORE


Food Defense: What It Is, Why We Need It, and Where It’s Going

There is almost no other industry that affects more people than the nation’s food supply. For the purposes of this discussion, food includes all commercially produced consumables (i.e. food, water, beverages, pharmaceuticals). In this paper, I will give an overview of security issues facing the food industry and talk a bit about the idea of “food defense.” READ MORE


Healthcare Facility Safety

Unlike other types of sensitive facilities, the security needs of healthcare facilities are unique in that the facilities are generally very open public facilities. They’re also quite common throughout all different types of communities. From government-funded county hospitals to enormous metropolitan medical centers to suburban and rural clinics; healthcare facilities are literally found everywhere. READ MORE


White Paper Laws Affecting Critical Infrastructure

Keeping up with changes in law and regulations is a multifaceted task that includes not only reading and digesting the statute as written, but also studying the legal implications and impacts to our customers and us. READ MORE



McCann has been a highly valued investigative partner to us for many years. They go beyond the ca.....

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