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Cyber Stalking and Spyware in Divorce Cases

Divorces can often become so contentious that warring spouses will go to any means to gain the upper-hand in the settlement. Spyware and key loggers that used to be only available to governments and corporations are now inexpensive and easily accessible to even the most novice computer user.



Mobile Device Forensics - Texting While Driving

Over half of drivers admit to texting while driving. Over 3000 traffic fatalities were caused by distracted drivers who were either texting to talking on their mobile phones.



Digital Forensics

Computer Forensics (Digital Forensics) is a process by which electronically stored information is extracted and analyzed for the purposes of criminal or civil litigation.



Enforcing a Non Compete Agreement

If an employee left the company with more than just a severance check, they may be in violation of a non compete agreement. Whether they downloaded client lists, or exported designs and trade secrets that are the intellectual property of the company, the employer has the right to enforce a non compete agreement and stop the violation.



Background Investigations

McCann provides comprehensive executive background investigations for clients in due diligence for M&A and for pre-employment screening.



McCann is our go to source for computer and mobile forensics. They find what others simply have n.....

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Best Practices for Non-Compete Agreements

Having a non-compete agreement in place doesn't ensure that an employer will be able to enforce it.  Getting the terms of the agreement in place from the beginning are key to being sure that it will hold up in court.  Enforcing a non-compete agreement will no doubt require some sort of legal wrangling and not having the proverbial ducks in a row will not ensur.....


This Is a Nightmare. Get the CSI Team in Here Now. No no, the Computer Forensics Team. Not the Blood Guys.

Open on a panning shot of Florida coastline. Closeup on alligator blinking lazily then slowly submerging into water. Quick flash to water snake swimming towards camera. Cut to sweaty, clearly overworked, office worker typing frantically away at computer. He sighs heavily, flops back in chair, revealing sweat marks under arms, and loosens tie and top button on shirt. He mops his brow with a sogg.....


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