We are pleased to announce that we are offering a CLE course on Mobile Device Forensics (SmartPhones, both Apple and Android-based, as well as tablets such as iPads, and Windows-based devices).

This course has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of Texas Committee on MCLE in the amount of 1.5 credit hours.This course provides a general overview of the mobile device forensics process to help attorneys counsel their clients on relative discovery issues. At course completion, attorneys should have a basic understanding of the types of data that can be extracted and analyzed, methods for obtaining data, typical smartphone operating systems, and the limitations on data recovery specific to those operating systems.

Our presenters are Brett Dearman, Computer Forensics Examiner and Daniel Weiss, Licensed Private Investigator. Their complete bios are attached, but please find a brief summary of their qualifications to follow.

Daniel Weiss brings extensive experience as a security professional in the area of private investigation, computer forensics, loss prevention, electronic security system design, and surveillance. As an industry entrepreneur, he brings his wealth of knowledge in business with extensive experience in due diligence, intellectual properly theft, embezzlement, and complex commercial litigation.

Brett Dearman has performed or participated in over 200 internal investigations of varying complexity from 2002 to present in the role of digital forensics examiner. These include alleged corporate espionage, theft of intellectual property, illegal trading practices, possession and distribution of pornography, and Human Resources related issues.




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