McCann Cloud Discovery Guide

Discover how to contact each major cloud services provider such as Facebook, Gmail, Snapchat, Ripoff Report, and  many others for discovery requests.  Each provider has a unique process with specific steps to follow for requesting information. This guide is a free service provided by McCann and is designed to provide insight.

McCann Digital and Physical Privacy Guide

Identify and understand the legal regulations and implications of covert technical surveillance of private parties (eavesdropping) with regard to criminal and civil laws in each of the 50 states. This guide highlights the law at federal and state levels, and analyzes the legal environment on a state-by-state basis, considering the status, impact, and implications of the law as well as the most relevant legal citations. 

McCann Publications

Download the PDF versions of the Cloud Discovery Guide and the Digital and Physical Privacy Guide as well as other guides such as Business Email Compromise, Misconduct Allegations in Youth Sports, and IRS Security Regulations.

McCann White Papers

Download Married, But Dating: Rise of Online Affairs and other white papers covering topics such as protecting against digital IP theft, enforcing non-compete agreements, and other current topics in investigations.

McCann CLE Courses

Learn about the different presentations we offer that have been accredited in Texas as CLE courses.  We also present to law enforcement on tech-centric investigation topics such as bitcoin, the darknet, ransomware and other cybercrime, and digital and mobile forensics. Contact us for more information regarding courses.

McCann Investigations Videos

Watch videos on a variety of topics including what a private investigator does, spyware and cyber stalking in divorce investigations, the digital risk of IP theft, and learning why you need both digital and physical bug sweeps. 



McCann continually engages the important topics that are most relevant to our clients.  McCann publications provide insight and information to our clients with our white papers, guides, and case studies.  All publications are available in iTunes, Paperback, or FREE digital download.