Do  you know if your company is prepared for an attack by a hacker? Are you sure that you can “trust” all of your technology staff? How can you know if they are technically competent when you understand little of what they are talking about? Senior IT people are often have the least in common with the remainder of the senior executive staff, but yet they are often responsible for the most critical assets in the company. Most all areas of the company are subject to oversight and audit, however, the IT function, in particular the security functions are often left up to a single person or a small group of insulated people. A true recipe for disaster since unchecked power is always dangerous. McCann has simple answers to these complex issues, IT security audit performed by licensed and experienced computer security professionals.

Internal and External Vulnerability Assessment

Does your external networks security meet your acceptable minimum standards? Are your remote access points secure? McCann External and Internal Vulnerability Assessment  can do more than test your network, McCann computer and network security experts can advise on what to do to improve your security. READ MORE

Network, Desktop and Mobile Data Loss Prevention

Has your firm suffered a network breach that has led to the loss of material data?  Has the loss occurred via a network breach or a simple loss of a laptop or smart phone loaded with private information. Are you concerned that your network, laptop or mobile phone may be infected with spyware?  McCann network forensic investigators can help READ MORE

Oversight of Existing IT Providers

Who is watching the magicians in the IT department?  Would you know if they were secretly reading your emails or copying client information? Would you know if company plans, designs, or other private information was being copied or even destroyed? Have you thought what would you do if your senior IT person tried to sabotage or blackmail you?  McCann computer security experts understand these risk and are here to demystify the lack of oversight and control. Please see the McCann white paper on termination of key IT personal.

IT Policy Design, Review and Audit

McCann computer security experts can help you design a robust IT security policy from the ground up. McCann can also review existing policies or simply audit existing policies and systems. Whatever the need, you can trust in the experience of McCann IT security professionals. Find out why being a licensed IT security professional is so important in today world.

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