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Digital Investigations: Computer, Mobile, Network & Cloud Forensics

McCann Computer Forensic Investigators analyze massive amounts of information through cutting-edge digital forensics tools to uncover evidence. Regardless of whether the source is a laptop, desktops , mobile device, or cloud storage the evidence must be obtained and stored using forensically sound methods. Our investigators provide mobile device forensics Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and New York can depend on. Learn more about our digital forensics tools and services.

Fact finding in digital data takes expertise, experience and advanced technology. Information is most often in the form of electronically stored information or ESI.  Estimates are that over 80% to 93% of all business information exists in electronic form as emails, documents, web content and other data base specific formats. It has also been estimated that well over 70% of content has never existed in any other form other than digital.  What was once a paper trail is now a purely digital trail of bits and bytes  hidden in emails, deleted documents, smart phones and cloud storage READ MORE

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Computer Forensics Process Updated

Licensed Digital Forensics Experts:  It Matters

Courts require the digital evidence obtained for civil or criminal cases be obtained in a forensically sound manner. The investigator collecting the evidence must be a licensed private investigator and have recognized certifications as a computer forensics examiner. This certification typically means that investigators have undergone an extensive background check and that they are licensed by a government agency such as the Private Security Bureau READ MORE 

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the process of gathering information from typical devices such as desktops, laptop computers, external hard drives, or flash drives. The computer forensics technician creates a forensically sound copy of the drive so that the data can be examined without altering or affecting the original source of the data. The use of proper imaging devices (discussed in more detail in the acquisition and imaging section) is a critical step in creating a defensible and usable forensic copy for analysis and examination. READ MORE

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics is a branch of computer forensics that focuses on mobile devices, typically smart phones, tablets, iPads, and cellular devices. The growth of smart mobile devices has made mobile device forensics critical to any digital forensic practice. The ability to quickly and effectively image, process, analyze and report on mobile devices is a core skill of McCann mobile forensics techs.  McCann Investigations has invested in the latest tools to properly extract data and deleted data from iPhones, iPads, android smart phones, windows mobile,  Blackberries, and the scores of other types of mobile devices make mobile devices forensics READ MORE

Network Forensics

Network forensics is a branch of computer forensics that relates to the proper gathering of data related to computer network traffic. Typical uses of network forensics deal with unauthorized access to networks and the process of gathering information about these breaches for legal evidence. Network forensics also can examine the traffic and communications across a network to determine what has occurred and what evidence can be gathered about the communications and traffic. READ MORE

Cloud, Browser, Email and Internet Forensics

The need for digital forensics continues to grow at a rapid rate. With electronically stored information (ESI) expanding exponentially with information gathering on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and other cloud based applications, the need for Cloud, Network, Browser and Internet forensicswill continue to grow. The combination of different types of media devices, remote sources of stored data, and mobile devices brings to the light the need for experienced digital forensic investigators.

Litigation Support

Law firms need a licensed, experienced, investigator that can take a case from initial fact finding all the way through appearing as an expert witness. At McCann we understand that the trail can go from digital information like emails or  text messages to background research and traditional surveillance.  Many traditional private investigative firms do not understand computer forensics, mobile forensics or network forensics, they understand only traditional private investigative work such as surveillance and background work. 

On the other hand, traditional computer forensics firms often do not understand traditional private investigative skills. At McCann we understand the traditional “camps” between digital and analog services are artificial and are simply based on a lack of experience or the skills to adapt to a changing world.

Expert Research and Reporting

What is the relevant backgrounds of the parties involved in your case, from your client to your opponent.  Do you have all the relevant facts? Do you know if either of the parties have been involved in other similar civil history or do they have a criminal record?  It is possible that they have or had companies with extensive civil trail histories? McCann Investigators specialize in understand complex business issues such as partnership disputes, non-compete enforcement cases, intellectual property theft cases, privacy exposure/data breach incidents, family law cases such as divorce or child custody disputes, and other complex civil and criminal matters.

Once the basic information is developed, McCann Investigators can develop the file so that supporting evidence can validate the background information.

E Discovery Systems and “Simple” Review Platforms

Regardless of you require your acquired data formatted to a specialized e-discovery platform or you require a simple localized indexed drive with a standard search tool, McCann computer forensic examiners can prepare the data for review. Often times our clients find the complex e-discovery platforms are not needed since only one or at most a few lawyers will be reviewing the data.  In this case, a McCann external drive, created form the original obtained image, can provide a simple, easy to use low cost “e discovery light” tool. 

Email and Document Filtering and Searching

Often times, attorneys simple do not have the time to review emails and documents for key words or phrases. McCann computer forensic examiner can help you with this process and produce documents in an easy to review fashion.  Whatever format our attorney client wants to review, printed PDF’s, digital PDF’s or other formats for easy review.

Expert Witness Statements and Court Testimony

As a licensed private investigator and an experienced computer forensic provider McCann Investigators have provided extensive expert reports, statements, and testimony in courts in Texas, New York and New Jersey, both at the local, state and federal level. Please contact your McCann Investigator for an qualification document and extensive reference list. 

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