Modern Tools for the Modern Investigation

Background Investigations

While most background checks cover criminal backgrounds, often the "white collar serial litigant" will not have a criminal background.  However, doing business with such an individual could cost more than a direct theft from a criminal fraudster.

McCann Investigations will not only run the typical background check, but will delve deeper into the discovery process.  McCann will seek out any questionable civil behavior by making inquiries with courts on the local and federal levels.  In addition, McCann will investigate the subject's social media footprint.  

International Background Checks

With over four decades of experience, McCann Investigations has the resources to conduct background investigations internationally. Clients have trusted McCann to find information about individuals and companies in countries around the globe. Each country and even each regional area is different and access to information can be limited via traditional channels. Many non-western countries lack traditional centralized databases and those that do have some type of centralized database often time restrict access. You can count on McCann to find out what you need to know to make your best decisions.

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