Modern Tools for the Modern Investigation

Key Intelligence Gathering Tools

Background Investigations

Due diligence is key to the success in any business.  While most companies will do complete financial due diligence, they often neglect to really investigate the executives who will be running the company.  A bad decision in choosing a business partner or key executive can result in devastating losses. READ MORE


McCann Investigators have thousands of hours of surveillance experience utilizing  high-tech video, camera and audio devices. McCann operates a fleet of surveillance vehicles that blend into the right situation. McCann also utilizes the latest in covert recording.  READ MORE

Digital Tracking

With a material amount of communication occurring via computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones, the ability to monitor digital communications is important. McCann has the experience to monitor these devices live and reap the benefits of this digital information.

Social Media Mapping

McCann Investigators deploy a host of investigative tools designed to covertly gather the evidence needed  to gain insight.  McCann uses state-of-the-art applications to thoroughly gather background information including criminal and civil checks and social media mapping. McCann Investigations is a one-source solution for complete, concise and comprehensive investigations. 


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