Modern Tools for the Modern Investigation

Corporate Intelligence

McCann understands the complex nature of business transactions today.  Each client has industry specific needs that must be addressed in an investigation in order to achieve a specific outcome.  In many cases, computer forensics is only part of a much larger investigations where intricate details are essential in the evidence gathering process.

McCann Investigations is a one-source solution for complete investigations.  Although computer forensics provides a wealth of data that can be utilized in a legal setting, situations occur that require more than just a digital investigation.  McCann Investigators have the experience to take an investigation under cover to gather specific evidence.  McCann's covert investigators will utilize video, audio and GPS equipment to document evidence ensuring that the investigation encompasses multiple facets to build a comprehensive case. 

Internal undercover investigations are conducted when the loss is perceived as internal and the investigator needs to get close the source of the loss to gather the correct intelligence. 

External undercover investigations require investigators to blend into the external environment in order to gather intelligence. Investigators have taken on numerous personas in order to gather the difficult to obtain information. Clients have trusted McCann to " get creative" for over 25 years.  

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