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McCann Investigations utilizes computer forensics combined with traditional private investigations to provide clients with comprehensive investigations that are multi-dimensional.  McCann Investigations understands the complexity of today's business environment focusing on the extraction, documentation and storage of electronically stored information (ESI) through computer forensics.

Computer Forensics

McCann Investigations computer forensics experts find and expose the digital fingerprints left behind in emails, internet histories, files, and networks. Extraction of this information provides digital forensic evidence that is admissible in the court of law should legal action be necessary.  Utilizing a third party to capture a forensically sound image of a device ensures that the evidence is saved and will not be corrupted.

Licensed Experts

Why not have the company IT manager extract information?  Should legal action be necessary, any evidence gathered by the in-house IT team would be deemed as corrupted.  McCann Investigations is fully licensed and has provided expert testimony and reports in hundreds of cases across Texas. 

Private Investigations

When the investigation goes beyond computer forensics, McCann Investigators deploy a host of investigative tools designed to covertly gather the evidence needed in a case.  Utilizing proven investigative techniques, McCann experts gather video and audio evidence through surveillance, undercover work and witness interviews.  McCann uses state-of-the-art applications to thoroughly gather background information including criminal and civil checks and social media mapping.


The McCann Suite of Investigation Tools:

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