Acclaimed Investigative Services for Private Intelligence

McCann Investigations Houston, the local office of the acclaimed McCann Global Investigations, is staffed with recognized leaders in private investigative services who are ready to serve your needs.

Background Checks and Private Investigations: Easy to understand reports provided by licensed and accessible investigators.

McCann Global’s reach is extensive in the markets that we serve. For more than four decades, our principals have held senior public and private sector positions in the security industry and in law enforcement. We have  local, national, and international resources and the experience of seasoned investigators that help us to uncover the truth in your case.

Verification Services

Cheap internet-based background tools provide consumers with an overwhelming amount of information that often includes hundreds of non-relevant and unrelated pieces of information. These tools often access information on individuals who are not part of your background check. These unreliable tools can lead you to make decisions based on incorrect information.

Our background checks begin with verifying the subject(s) to be investigated. Our reports are easy to understand and highlight only the relevant information. 

All of our reports are compiled by an experienced and licensed private investigator, not a computer. We communicate with you before, during, and after the background check to make you aware of any “red flag” issues. 



McCann continually engages the important topics that are most relevant to our clients.  McCann publications provide insight and information to our clients with our white papers, guides, and case studies.  All publications are available in iTunes, Paperback, or FREE digital download.