Child custody is a legal term that refers to the relationship between a parent or guardian and his or her child. A parent with custody has the right to make decisions on behalf of the child, and has a duty to care for the child until he or she reaches adulthood. Child custody disputes often arise during divorce proceedings. When the courts must decide which parent gets custody of a child, factors they consider include a history of adultery or abuse, the financial ability of the parents to meet the child’s needs, the lifestyle of the parents, the demonstrated parenting ability of each parent, and a variety of other concerns.

During custody disputes, it is common for one parent to try to make the other look bad, giving him or her a better chance of being awarded custody. Our digital forensics investigators at McCann work both to disprove incorrect allegations and to uncover evidence of poor parenting by one of the parties. The evidence we collect is extremely valuable in court proceedings relating to child custody.



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