; Digital Forensic Consulting Services for Government

Professional Digital Forensic Services for Local Governments

We bring the same level of expertise that we offer our corporate clients to the public sector through professional consulting for local governments. Unfortunately, not every government entity has the available funds to maintain a dedicated staff of experts for all conceivable scenarios. Whether the need is cyber intrusion testing, IT security consulting, internal investigations, leased digital forensics operations, or ad-hoc assistance with complex digital forensics cases, McCann has the experts you need.

Crime knows no boundaries. Criminals don’t care if your agency can’t afford to maintain a local or regional digital forensics lab. Bad actors apply their craft whenever and unfortunately wherever they choose. Modern crime is digital, and law enforcement, no matter the size of agency, must be prepared to investigate all crimes traditional as well as digital-centric. McCann offers two solutions for law enforcement agencies in the realm of digital forensic services.

McCann operates a state of the art digital forensics lab in their offices in Houston, Texas, and has the ability to perform digital evidence collection, processing, analyzing, and reporting to our law enforcement partners on an on-demand, as needed, expedited basis. From collection of mobile or fixed computer equipment, all the way through to expert testimony, McCann has the experience and the experts to assist you with all digital-centric investigations.

For larger agencies or regional law enforcement consortiums needing more consistent services, McCann offers turnkey professionally staffed digital forensics lab services on a leased basis. We will handle everything from finding secure offsite space (if necessary), equipment procurement, staffing, training, lab certification, all the way to compliance auditing. This allows your agency to concentrate on what you do best, fight crime, and still have full-time access to a local lab that you control. All of this without the added cost, commitment, training, and responsibility of opening an in-house digital forensics lab.




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