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Mobile Device Forensics is a branch of computer forensics that focuses on mobile devices, typically smart phones, tablets, iPads, and cellular devices. The growth of smart mobile devices has made mobile device forensics critical to any digital forensic practice. The ability to quickly and effectively image, process, analyze and report on mobile devices is a core skill of McCann mobile forensics techs.  McCann Investigations has invested in the latest tools to properly extract data and deleted data from iPhones, iPads, android smart phones, windows mobile,  Blackberries, and the scores of other types of mobile devices make mobile devices forensics.


Our investigative experience tells us the deleted does not always mean gone and that often times the information that the user thought was deleted forever, is in fact recoverable and reviewable by mobile forensic examiners. It is also a typical request for McCann mobile forensic investigators to recover details of call history, internet history, and text history. Timing of the activities is often critical since the use of mobile devices during driving or the location of a mobile devices is often a question in litigation.


The ability to recover deleted text messages, emails, internet history and photos is a common request of McCann mobile forensic investigators. The evidence that is required is often times on the mobile device not on the phone company’s records who do not store text message or email details. The physical device itself or the file in which a backup of the device was made is often times the most fruitful source of information.


McCann mobile forensic investigators utilize the best in mobile forensic technology for different types and styles of mobile devices. The acquisition of data form mobile devices can take different forms depending of the type of mobile devices,  the age, and condition of the devices. Your McCann mobile forensic investigator can discuss the right methods with you.


McCann mobile forensic investigators use the cutting edge software and hardware tools form the leading manufactures, such as:  Cellebrite, Paraben, Oxygen, and Radio Tactics  If you would like to understand the process and tools in more detail call and speak to a mobile forensic investigator.

Types of Cases

At McCann we provide you with a wealth of experience and expertise in many different practice area for many different types of cases.


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Key Qualification Questions to Ask a Computer Forensic Provider:

It is important to validate the qualifications of the forensic technician who will be performing the investigation. Critical questions to ask:


  1. Are they a licensed private investigator in the state in which they practice? Ask to see a “pocket card” or other official identification.
  2. Are they certified as a forensic examiner? This would include certification as an Encase Certified technician and other industry standard software platforms such as FTK and others.
  3. Can they provide references for others that they have provided similar services for? Can you call them and ask if the investigation was done in a timely manner and if a final report was provided. Since you may be using the work of your computer forensics examiner in court, it is important that you are dealing with a true expert witness. Remember, if you are not convinced that they are an expert, the jury or judge may reach a similar conclusion.



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