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Financial Institutions

The Evolving Threat Landscape 

Financial institutions are constantly battling electronic security threats including network breaches resulting in fraud and theft.  Network breaches caused by either a hacker or through human error (storing information that is not encrypted or password protected) can grant unauthorized access to personal and private client information including social security numbers and credit card accounts.  In the event of a network breach, it is imperative that the breach be located, stopped, documented and that procedures are put into place immediately to mediate the threat.

Choosing a forensic and network security provider should be based upon reputation, experience, and licensing. McCann Investigations works with a variety of companies in various financial industries including private equity groups, venture funds, hedge funds, and banks.  These institutions  have trusted McCann for over 25 years. McCann provides due diligence services, as well as background checks and computer forensics.

McCann's resources extend to not only professionals within the IT security industry, but also to local law enforcement specialized in financial crimes.

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