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Solicitation of a Minor

One of our forensic expert Nick’s toughest cases to date involves the sexual abuse of a minor. It serves as a warning to parents to keep a close eye on the people your children associate with, as well as a lesson on how to preserve evidence in any form of criminal situation. The victim was sixteen at the time of the case and came to know an older adult through a friend. The adult began a relationship with the victim by inviting them and the friend over to play video games.

The adult provided them alcohol, cigarettes and anything else the children wanted. After a connection with the victim formed through the mutual friend, the adult began meeting only the child. Once a significant period of time passed the child trusted the adult, who began offering the victim money for provocative pictures and videos. This progressed into the adult paying to engage in sexual acts with the child. The situation developed to the point where the adult was attempting to convince the child to run away with them. Thankfully those close to the child uncovered the situation and began collecting evidence for a case against the adult.

Nick was provided the victim’s laptop and two cellphones. The first cellphone was…

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