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Self Sabotage

Cases involving estranged or divorced spouses are always delicate. The situation only escalates when one of the parties worries the other is spying on them to gain leverage. Our forensic expert Brett handled a case involving a client who was convinced their estranged spouse put spyware on their mobile devices. The client requested a full forensic examination of the devices to determine if they actually contained spyware and if the spouse installed them.

The spouse likely had easy access to the devices, meaning it would have been easy for them to download spyware without the client’s knowledge. Spyware is a form of malware that is secretly downloaded onto an electronic device. While you can intentionally download it onto a device as in this case, spyware is most commonly downloaded as part of other program downloads or by corrupted links within emails. Most spyware record device usage and data while staying hidden. They commonly steal information such as passwords for email accounts, social networking sites, and other personal accounts, as well as monitoring sites, calls made, and even physical locations visited by a device with GPS capability.

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With spyware operating in the background of the phone, it can be hard to determine if your device may in fact be bugged. Common indicators or spyware include…

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