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Digital Investigator Must Have Skills

Gone are the days of tailing cheating husbands hoping to snap photos with his mistress.  Well, not completely gone, sometimes there are situations that may require a bit of old school surveillance.  With technology and communication in the modern world - if wrong doing is taking place, whether infidelity or corporate fraud, the evidence is on the electronic device.   Computers, laptops and smart phones leave a digital trail of evidence that a skilled digital investigator can uncover. 

A present day digital investigator working on corporate cases (which can include fraud, embezzlement, non compete violations, intellectual property theft, etc.) has to have the intuition of the best law enforcement officer along with astute business acumen and an understanding of the technology that runs those businesses.  Investigators have to possess a thorough understanding of the software used in business processes in order to surmise where the evidence may exist.  They need to have an understanding of the corporate infrastructure, how to follow a data trail, how to utilize computer forensics tools to extract and analyze the data.

A strong business background is the key to providing a complete investigation that encompasses mulitple investigative tools.  These tools can include more traditional techniques like surveillance, under cover work and background investigations.  But the complexity of corporate environments has required the investigator to evolve with the technology and expand their skills to meet the needs of clients.

Written by Malisa Vincenti at 00:00



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