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This Week in Cyber Threats

State sponsored cyber attacks continue to be a signficant threat, with most of those threats coming from China.  In recent news, China is suspected to have tried to access the Energy Department, The New York Times, Bloomberg.

The Energy Department is of particular concern as it has been the target for both China and Iran.  They have been after the Energy Department secrets for years.  The Energy Department continues to have network security issues despite the fact that it controls some of the most sophisticated U.S. intelligence.

The middle east has been the target of malware as well, with malware designed specifically to track banking information.  

With all of these cyber threats looming, antivirus software may not protect you.  The New York Times had antivirus software installed, however, it still could not stop China's malware from accessing reporters user names and passwords.  Antivirus software can not keep up with the hackers.

Written by Malisa Vincenti at 00:00

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