Mary S. – McCann Client
I was going through a very difficult divorce. Once my attorney presented the data that McCann Investigations had recovered from my husband’s laptops, and smart phones, my now ex-husband settled our divorce in mediation.

John J. – McCann Client
I suspected that my wife was having an affair and that she had been meeting men on dating sites. McCann’s investigators were very sensitive to my situation. Their investigation was very detailed with both examining her computer and tailing her to gain photographic evidence. Thanks to McCann Investigations, I got the evidence that I needed and I filed for divorce.

Jane D. – McCann Client
Somehow my soon to be ex-husband knew confidential information that I had only discussed with my attorney. I suspected that he had planted some sort of listening device in my home. I called McCann Investigations, and they did a complete bug sweep of my home, office and vehicle. Not only did they find that he had planted a recording device in my home, he had also placed a GPS device on my car.

Carlos D. – McCann Client
My competitors had confidential information about my company that was only discussed with very few people. I called McCann Investigations and they came right away. They were very professional and courteous. They were able to find that my office indeed had a listening device and I was able to take the proper steps to report this to law enforcement.

Micheal Lehane, CEO, Keais Records Service, Inc.
McCann is our go-to source for computer and mobile forensics. They find what others simply have not been able to do. I highly recommend McCann as a digital forensics provider. They are simply the best in class.

David Ducote, Partner, Tchoupitoulas Partners, LLC
McCann helped to resolve an intense and complex fraud investigation. They provided insight and work product that added tremendous value to a difficult situation. They are my go-to investigator.

Karl Oswald, CEO, Jackrabbit Steel Products, Inc.
We use McCann as our investigators for complex situations that require the highest level of confidentially. They always deliver.

Blair Garrou, Managing Director, Mercury Fund
McCann is our source for backgrounds, due diligence, and investigations. They are timely, insightful, and resourceful. I suggest our business partners also use them because I know I can trust the information.

Rick Fisher, Global Security Director, CB&I (NYSE: CBI)
McCann has been a highly valued investigative partner to us for many years. They go beyond the call to provide quality information and executive protection services for us. I can always count on McCann.

Tim Johnson, General Counsel, Peak Completions Technologies, Inc.
McCann’s expertise in both traditional investigations, such as surveillance and undercover work, and modern digital forensics, such as computer and mobile forensics, make them my choice when we require the best investigative team.

Joseph M. Guinan, Jr. CEO, Advantage Futures
McCann Investigations offer the highest quality service coupled with discretion and the reasonable pricing everyone appreciates.



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