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Daniel Weiss, Managing Partner

Mr. Weiss began his career in the security industry while in graduate school at Northeastern University, where he worked at a maximum security prison in Massachusetts, Walpole State Prison. Mr. Weiss left the public sector and entered the private security sector. During the past 15 years, Mr. Weiss has held managerial positions at Wells Fargo and Chubb. Mr. Weiss was also founder and CEO of EPS Security and Infrastruct Security. Mr. Weiss is the founding Texas partner of McCann Investigations, LLC, a Texas Corporation.

Mr. Weiss has been interviewed as a subject matter expert on security by ABC, NBC, CBS, Security Director News, SDM, and Security System News. In addition Mr. Weiss has been featured in the Houston Chronicle and Houston Business Journal.

Mr. Weiss brings extensive experience as a security professional in the area of private investigation, computer forensics, loss prevention, electronic security system design, and surveillance. As an industry entrepreneur, Mr. Weiss brings his wealth of knowledge in business with extensive experience in due diligence, private equity and venture capital, and financial controls. Mr. Weiss’ background supports the unique balance between business and former law enforcement that is a unique hallmark of McCann Investigations.

For over 15 years, Mr. Weiss has held a qualified managers license in State of Texas.  Mr. Weiss has been directly responsible for hundreds of security assessments for Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. In addition, Mr. Weiss has had the pleasure of providing investigative services for scores of middle market commercial, industrial and direct to executives.   In addition, Mr. Weiss has been utilized as an expert by law firms involving complex civil and criminal matters.


  • Network Intrusion: Identification and forensic documentation of a network intrusion of a municipal government agency involving credit card and personal information being stolen.
  • Non-Compete Enforcement: Numerous cases of forensic documentation of downloaded customer data, conspiracy with current and former employees, and direct theft of company materials.
  • Intellectual Property Theft: Numerous cases of current and former employees and competitors stealing and damaging company intellectual and physical property.
  • Harassment and Cyber Stalking: Investigation and forensic documentation of inner company email based harassment and attempt to cover up activity.
  • Digital Wiretapping:  Numerous investigations of cyber wiretapping of servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices conducted by unwanted parties. 
  • Background Investigations:  Provided executive background investigations for management teams for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.

During his career in the public and private sector Mr. Weiss has been personally instrumental in:

  • Over 500 site security assessments ranging from:
    • Financial Institutions
    • Jewelry and Precious Metals Vaults and Storage
    • High Profile Residences Including Former Government Officials
    • Petrochemical Facilities
    • Defense Sector Providers
    • Public/Private Critical Infrastructure: Dams, Nuclear Power Plants, and Pipelines

Mr. Weiss also believes in the importance of law enforcement and the private sector working together. Examples of this commitment are found in various committees and associations that he currently serves:

  • Crime Stoppers
  • American Society for Industrial Security
  • Energy Security Council
  • Entrepreneur Organization (EO)

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